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Decorative Pebbles/Stones

Decorative Pebbles & Stones are a lower maintenance alternative to mulch & chips.  While still offering additional preotection from weeds, they require less maintenance & top up.

Our selection of River Pebbles will add a natural look to your garden and enhance greenery & surrounds.  Although an attractive, natural enhancement for any garden, oversize river pebbles & flat river pebbles are ideal for features such as water gardens as when wet they display their stunning natural colours & will bring your garden to life.

Creswick Quartz pebbles are a naturally white & cream colour for those who prefer the more timeless look to their garden.  A favourite classic style pebble, ideal for flower beds& rose gardens & the like.

Rolled Basalt is a contempory style pebble ideal for the modern garden.  Although ideally combined with flaxes & ‘strappy’ type plants, this smooth & luscious grey stone is an attractive feature on its own or when combined with any greenery or garden feature.

White Ice is a premium white pebble with a natural shimmer that will intensify when under direct sunlight.  For example, this is a perfect accessory to a Japanese garden bed and will delightfully compliment the more delicate plants on display.

With its naturally earthy tones, Tuscan Stone creates a relaxed Mediterranean feel & looks simply stunning.  Bring a little Italian landscape into your garden with this subtle yet spectacular addition.

Avon Pebbles are a smaller alternative to the natural river look.  With some earthier purple tones throughout that are also enhanced when wet, you can create a natural feel for any cottage garden or water featured garden.

Feature Rocks – A beautiful standout feature for any garden.  We have a wide range of Granite, Mudstone & Volcanic rocks on site in various shapes & sizes.  Feature rocks can be used as a stand alone feature or can be used to create stone benches, walls & water features.  Who needs a statue when you can create your own stunning feature!

Our range includes -

  • - Avon Pebbles
  • - Creswick Quartz 14-20 mm
  • - Oversize River Pebbles
  • - River Pebbles 20-40 mm Flats
  • - Tuscon Stone
  • - White Ice
  • - Mud Rock
  • - Silver Granite
  • - Field Granite
  • - Colac Rock

Contact our friendly staff for further information on pebble, stone & rock supplies and how to best enhance your garden using these natural products.