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Soil & Compost

Mordialloc Garden Supplies offers a lovely organic soil (containing a hint of sandy loam) which is extremely versatile and although ideally suited as a top soil for lawns, can also be used for garden beds, pots & veggie or flower gardens.

Try the Mordi Mix for a flourishing veggie garden.  We combine a mix of Organic Soil, Dig it in Organic Compost & a hint of Mushroom compost to make a simply luscious base for your vegetables. 

Mushroom Compost is a tried & tested favourite for the solid veggie gardener.  Perfect for tomatoes & the like, mushroom compost provides all the nutrient & phosphates your plants need to flourish.

Dig it in Compost is an organic compost to turn your sandy, clay or tired old soil into a wonderland for growth.  Simply add to an existing garden bed and turn over & through.

Our top soil and compost supplies include -

  • - Organic Soil/Top Soil
  • - Dig It In Compost
  • - Mushroom Compost
  • - Mordi Mix (Veggie Mix)

We are able to deliver any day of the week & our products can be ordered in small loads or in bulk. Our trucks are versatile and vary in size to enable us to deliver to your home or construction site or wherever you need. Alternatively, ask us about our courtesy trailers.