Garden & Building Supplies

Toppings and Driveway/Path Bases

Toppings: Decorative high quality finishing products for Driveway/Path

Mordialloc Garden Supplies offer a variety of toppings for garden. Toppings offer a classic look and a unique alternative to brick paving or concrete for paths and driveways.  Once the area is levelled, our toppings offer a no fuss, clean finish with little to no maintenance required.

Our staff can provide advice & instructions on how to level & lay your topping & can provide the tools required to compact your path or driveway to avoid any uneven surfaces.

Our extensive range of toppings include –

Lilycan (Lilydale) Topping – A light coloured finish.  A small light grey gravel with white fines gives this topping a superior look.  Compacts beautifully & easily.

Tooborac Topping – Similar to Dromana Topping, this is a natural looking topping and the finished look is easily compared with Kingston’s beach pathways.  A natural, sandy coloured finish with a very fine gravel.

Granitic Gravel/Sand – This is the smoothest topping for driveways & paths and comes in two varities.  Brown Granitic has an earthy tone bordering on orange and the White Granitic offers a light regal finish.  Both compact beautifully & easily and leave a smooth surface when complete.